Economies of Asian Manufacturing/Ease of Local Sourcing
Why HMI Group

Experience the HMI Difference

Since 1985, the HMI Group has been bringing the powerful economic advantage of Asian manufacturing directly to you through the Ease of Locally-based procurement and sourcing programs.

Many companies make promises: the HMI Group has the experience and infrastructure in place to hit the ground running. HMI Group produces results that positively impact on your bottom line.

Why HMI?

When you work with the HMI Group to source and supply your products, the benefits will be seen right from the start.

  • Quality Assurance - the HMI Group will make sure that your quality standards are not only met in the beginning but also maintained over time.
  • Dependability - The HMI Group has built its solid reputation by providing consistent delivery performance, high-quality products and cost savings to our partners since 1985.
  • Convenience - You place a purchase order to your local HMI Group office and we do the rest. Product will be delivered to your door as per your agreed upon schedule. It's that simple.
  • Increased efficiency - The HMI Group will manage the entire supply chain for you, freeing up your time to spend on other important procurement problem areas.
  • Reduced overhead - Once the pipeline of products is filled, the HMI Group will ship "just in time" (JIT) to your facility, lowering your on-hand inventory and inventory control costs. Most offices can ship within 72 hours of receiving your release from blanket purchase order.
  • Reduced risk - With the HMI Group working to ensure that your products are made properly, your rejection rates will be reduced.
  • Financial Freedom - Through our financing plan, the HMI Group pays for your goods before they ship from the factory, eliminating the need for L/C and spot financing that is common in overseas factory direct situations. HMI's standard terms are Net 30 days from delivery to your door, (terms do vary, so please contact your local HMI Group office for details).

lowering your on-hand inventory and inventory control costs

The HMI Group will manage the entire supply chain for you

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