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Why HMI Group

Quality Assurance is often heard in today's marketplace. How do you really know the company you're purchasing from follows through? How do you know they appreciate your standards? How will they consistently apply those standards to each production lot as it leaves the factory?

The HMI Group can show you how we make the difference in each of these areas.

Quality Assurance

The HMI Group ensures the quality of your products through comprehensive quality management programs and consistent application of those programs on a lot by lot basis.

HMI Group engineers are on the ground in each location to ensure that only the most capable, quality conscious and cost effective manufacturers are chosen to provide your components.

HMI Group engineers engage in an ongoing dialogue with you and the manufacturer to arrive at acceptable and achievable quality standards, and then develop these into customized formal on-line and pre-shipment inspection procedures. Final inspection procedures are based on current statistical standards as set by ISO 9001:2008, (Standard MIL-STD-105E / DIN ISO 2859-1).

HMI will thoroughly implement these procedures and if problems do arise, dig into the causes and recommend solutions that minimize delivery interruptions.

In addition to the extensive quality certification library of our supplier base, the HMI Group has been ISO 9001 registered since April 2006. Please click the link below for a copy of our current certificate.

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