Economies of Asian Manufacturing/Ease of Local Sourcing

Established in 1985, the HMI Group has the critical sourcing experience and engineering know-how needed to ensure your products are manufactured properly and shipped on-time. Meeting your production needs is our number one goal.

Our turn-key approach simplifies your procurement model and maximizes your component purchasing dollar.

Production and Schedule Monitoring

The HMI Group will ensure that your product stays on schedule and ships when you need it. Once the production process has begun, the HMI Group will work closely with factory management to ensure that proper priority is placed on your products.

As your advocate, the HMI Group will be directly involved in production scheduling, ensuring that sub-suppliers and production workers alike understand the urgency and timelines associated with your product's completion schedule. If problems do crop up during production, the HMI Group will work diligently to address these issues in a timely basis, proposing solutions and initiating actions to correct problems before they cause interruptions to supply.

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