Economies of Asian Manufacturing/Ease of Local Sourcing

Established in 1985, the HMI Group has the critical sourcing experience and engineering know-how needed to ensure your products are manufactured properly and shipped on-time. Meeting your production needs is our number one goal.

Our turn-key approach simplifies your procurement model and maximizes your component purchasing dollar.

Quality Assurance and Final Inspection

High quality does not happen by accident. Any project that relies upon Quality being "inspected in" at the end of the production process is doomed to fail from the start.

To avoid this pitfall, the HMI Group will plan for Quality in your products at every stage of the process. By understanding your needs and making sure that that the factory can carry them out properly, the HMI Group will consistently deliver the high-quality products you need to compete in today's marketplace. The HMI Group in Asia is ISO 9001 certified as of June 2006.

As part of managing your overall Product Quality Plan, the HMI Group will conduct thorough inspections and manage process control at the factory level without fail. When problems do arise, HMI will dig into the root causes and propose solutions that will minimize delivery interruptions.

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